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Q: What is magandang Arawak in ilocano?
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What is the ilocano translation of magandang gabi rin sa iyo?

translation of same to you in ilocano

How do you say magandang hapon in Igorot?

Igorot is the collective name of the ethnic groups in the island of Luzon, Philippines. The common dialect of the tribes is Ilocano. The translation of "magandang hapon" (good afternoon) in Ilocano is "naimbag nga malim".

What is the translation of Magandang araw ILOCANO?

"Magandang araw" (Good day) when translated to Visayan language would be "Maayong adlaw" but this expression is rarely used by Visayans. Visayan's are specific when it comes to greetings pertaining the time of the day. When it's noontime it is "maayong hapon" (good afternoon), for midday "maayong udto" (good noon), morning "maayong buntag" (good morning) and in the evening "maayong gabii" (good evening).

Translate this phrase to filipino to ilocano-magandang araw sa inyong lahat?

pano sabihin ang "magandang araw" sa bicolano?

Good Morning in different translation in Philippine dialect?

Tagalog: Magandang umaga Cebuano: Maayong buntag Ilocano: Naimbag a bigat Kapampangan: Mayap a abak Waray: Maupay nga aga

How do you say good afternoon in different Filipino dialects?

Tagalog: Magandang hapon Cebuano: Maayong hapon Ilocano: Naimbag a malem Waray: Maupay nga kulop

What is good morning in different filipino dialects?

Tagalog- Magandang umaga Pangasinan- Maong ya kabuasan Bicol- Marhay na adlaw Cebu- Maayong buntag Ilocos- Naimbag a bigat

What is magandang gabi in mindanao dialect?

am not ilocano..but am sure it is "NAIMBAG NGA RABII" "naimbag" is good of fine "rabii" is night

How do you say do you speak Ilocano?

To ask "Do you speak Ilocano?" in Ilocano, you would say: "Nasao ka iti Ilocano?"

What is I AM in ilocano?

I AM in ilocano is "siyak"

What are the different Philippine dialect translations for thank you and good evening?

In the Philippines, "thank you" can be translated as "salamat" in Filipino/Tagalog, "salamat" in Cebuano, and "salamat" in Ilocano. "Good evening" can be translated as "magandang gabi" in Filipino/Tagalog, "maayong gabii" in Cebuano, and "naimbag a gabi" in Ilocano.

What is the ilocano of how are you?

The Ilocano translation for "How are you?" is "Kunaak" or "Kanayon" in Ilocano language.