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translation of same to you in ilocano

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naimbag nga rabii

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Q: What is the ilocano translation of magandang gabi rin sa iyo?
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Good Morning in different translation in Philippine dialect?

Naimbag a bigat mo. (Ilocano) Maayong buntag sa imo (Romblon) Magandang umaga sa iyo. (Tagalog)

How do sy magandang gabi in pangasinense?

malay ko sa iyo.. tanung mo sa mama mo

How do you say good night people in some of the languages of the Philippines?

Good night is typically used as an expression of farewell at night or before going to bed, as in "I will sleep now, good night."In Tagalog we use "Magandang Gabi" which is actually a direct translation of Good Evening but in the same context as above, we also use "magandang gabi"English"I need to sleep now, good night."Tagalog"Kailangan ko nang matulog, magandang gabi sa iyo."

Anoang halimbawa ng salitang manobo?

magandang umaga sa iyo

What actors and actresses appeared in Isang gabi sa iyo... Isang gabi sa akin - 1978?

The cast of Isang gabi sa iyo... Isang gabi sa akin - 1978 includes: Alona Alegre Elizabeth Oropesa Mat Ranillo III Romeo Vasquez

What is the meaning of thee in Tagalog?

Tagalog translation of THEE: ikaw; iyo; mo

What actors and actresses appeared in Sa iyo ang araw ... sa akin ang gabi - 1978?

The cast of Sa iyo ang araw ... sa akin ang gabi - 1978 includes: Andrea Andrada Ruby Anna Andrea Anna Josephine Garcia Rosemarie Gil Rhene Imperial Carmen Ronda

What does peace be with you mean Tagalog?

Tagalog translation of peace be with you: Kapayapaan para sa iyo.

You will love you forever in Filipino?

Tagalog Translation of YOU WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER: Ikaw ang magmahal sa iyo nang walang hanggan

When was Iyo Railway created?

Iyo Railway was created in 1887.

When did Iyo-Matsuyama Domain end?

Iyo-Matsuyama Domain ended in 1871.

When was Dahil Sa Iyo created?

Dahil Sa Iyo was created in 1964.

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