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Igorot is the collective name of the ethnic groups in the island of Luzon, Philippines. The common dialect of the tribes is Ilocano. The translation of "magandang hapon" (good afternoon) in Ilocano is "naimbag nga malim".

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Q: How do you say magandang hapon in Igorot?
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How do you say 'Good afternoon too' in Tagalog?

You can say "Magandang hapon din" or "Magandang hapon rin".

Translation of magandang hapon in tausug?

magandang hapon : translate in english magandang hapon is the informal way to say good afternoon magandang umaga is good morning magangang hapon is good afternoon magandang gabi is good evening.

How do you say good afternoon in Tagalog?

To say "good afternoon" in Tagalog, you can use either "Magandang hapon" or simply "Hapon."

How do you say great sun in french?

magandang hapon.

How do you say good afternoon in Filipino language?

In Filipino language, you can say "magandang hapon" to greet someone with "good afternoon."

How do you say have a nice day in filipino languages?

In Filipino, you can say "Magandang araw" to mean have a nice day.

What is goodmorning in igorot language?

Good morning in Igorot language is "Magandang umaga."

What is the Tagalog of good afternoon?

The Tagalog translation of "good afternoon" is "magandang hapon."

How do you say 'magandang hapon sa inyong lahat' in Ifugao?

In Ifugao, you can say 'Masdin ngadto sa inyamuy alli.'

What is good morning in igorot?

In Igorot, "good morning" is "gayyem a bigat."

What is 'Magandang hapon' when translated from Tagalog to Kapampangan?

Mayáp a gatpanápun! is a Kapampangan equivalent of the Tagalog phrase Magandang hapon! The greeting translates as "Good afternoon!" in English. The pronunciation will be "MA-gan-DANG HA-pon" in Tagalog.

How do you say good afternoon in different Filipino dialects?

Tagalog: Magandang hapon Cebuano: Maayong hapon Ilocano: Naimbag a malem Waray: Maupay nga kulop