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Q: What is magandang gabi in tinguian dialect?
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What is magandang gabi sa inyong lahat in ilocano dialect?

naimbag na gabi

What is Magandang Gabi in Ilokano dialect?

maupay na udto

What is Magandang Gabi in Ifugao dialect?

Maphod an ma-dom... .

What is the cebuano translation of magandang gabi?

The Cebuano translation of ''magandang gabi'' is ''maayong gabii''.Pronunciation:*ma + ayong*gabi + i

How do you say good evening in Tagalog?

"Magandang gabi" you could also say "Magandang gabi po", "po" was included to show respect. For example "Magandang gabi sa'yo" (Good evening to you) or "Magandang gabi po sa inyo" (Good evening to you).

What are the different Philippine dialect translations for thank you and good evening?

Thank you is "Salamat" in Tagalog, Hiligaynon, Cebuano, and Waray (the Leyte-Samar dialect). Good evening is "Magandang gabi" in Tagalog; "Maayong gab-i" in Hiligaynon (Ilonggo); "Maayong gabi-i" in Cebuano; and "Maupay nga gab-i" in Waray (Leyte-Samar dialect).

What is magandang gabi in maguindanao language?

Mapya magabi

How do you say good night in Tagalog?

magandang gabi.....

What is the Maranao translation ng magandang umaga magandangg hapon at magandang gabi?

Magandang umaga in maranao translation Mapiya a kapipitaMagandang hapon in maranao translation Mapiya a khagabiMagandang gabi in maranao translation mapiya a gagawi-i

How do you say 'magandang hapon sa inyong lahat' in Ifugao?

magandang gabi sa inyong lahat

Translate the word Magandang Gabi in pampanga?

Good Night

What is 'Good evening' when translated from English to Filipino?

magandang gabi

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