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marhay na hapon

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Q: What is magandang gabi in bicol?
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How do you say good evening in Tagalog?

"Magandang gabi" you could also say "Magandang gabi po", "po" was included to show respect. For example "Magandang gabi sa'yo" (Good evening to you) or "Magandang gabi po sa inyo" (Good evening to you).

How do you say good night in Tagalog?

magandang gabi.....

How do you say 'magandang hapon sa inyong lahat' in Ifugao?

magandang gabi sa inyong lahat

What is 'Good evening' when translated from English to Filipino?

magandang gabi

How do you say goodnight and goodmorning in Tagalog?

Tagalog translation of goodnight and good morning: magandang gabi and magandang umaga

How do you say have a nice day in filipino languages?

Magandang araw. You can also say: Good morning - Magandang umaga. Good afternoon - Magandang hapon. Good evening - Magandang gabi.

How do you say good evening in Filipino?

Magandang gabi! ("Good evening" in Filipino)

What is magandang gabi in mindanao dialect?

am not ilocano..but am sure it is "NAIMBAG NGA RABII" "naimbag" is good of fine "rabii" is night

Translation of magandang hapon in tausug?

magandang hapon : translate in english magandang hapon is the informal way to say good afternoon magandang umaga is good morning magangang hapon is good afternoon magandang gabi is good evening.

Halimbawa ng patalinghagang pananalita?

Magandang umaga po Magandang gabi po Makikiraan po Sorry po / Patawad po Salamat po

What is magandang araw in Maranao?

Magandang umaga in maranao translation Mapiya a kapipitaMagandang hapon in maranao translation Mapiya a khagabiMagandang gabi in maranao translation mapiya a gagawi-i

What is the ilocano translation of magandang gabi rin sa iyo?

translation of same to you in ilocano