What is a bandala?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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A bandala is a fabric made in Manila from the older leaf sheaths of the abaca.

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Q: What is a bandala?
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What is bandala?

A bandala is a fabric made in Manila from the older leaf sheaths of the abaca.

What is the definition of bandala?

A bandala is a fabric that is made in the Philippines, mainly the city of Manila. These fabrics are created from an abaca's oldest leaf sheaths.

What is bandala system in the Philippines?

Bandala is one of the direct taxes that the Spaniards ruled wherein the natives were coerced to sell their products to the government at very low prices!

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i dont know either.

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Ano ang ibig sabihin ng bandala?

Ang Bandala ay sistemang nagtatakada sa bawat lalawigan ng dami ng produktong dapat ipagbili sa pamahalaan sa bawat taon.

What would be the negative effect of bandala system?

The negative effects of bandala system is that the people are just forced and they will get tired easily for they are forced. -so not sure! The positive is.. i don't know. Better to research more. :) That's all I could help. Haha.

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