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Q: What country having 35 degree hilagang latitud and 148 silangan longhitud?
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What country having 15 degree hilagang latitud and 100 degree silangan longhitud?


What country is 70 degree hilagang latitud and 150 degree kanlurang longitude?

70 degree hilagang latitud 150 degree kanlurang longhitud

What country having 25 degree hilagang latitud and 105 degree kanlurang longhitud?

That point is about 70 miles north-northwest of Durango, in Mexico.

Saan ginagamit ang longhitud at latitud sa mapa at globo?

kelan ginagamit ang longhitud at latitud

Anong pagkakaiba ng guhit longhitud sa guhit latitud?

Ang pag kakaiba ng guhit latitud at longhitud ay ---------------------latitud ito ay pahigang guhit na sumusukat distansya sa silangan at kanluran ----------------longhitud ito ay patayong guhit na sumusukat ng distansya hilaga at timog.

What country having 30 degree hilagang latitud and 135 degree silangan longhitud?

The meridian 135° east of Greenwich is a line of longitude that extends from the North Pole across the Arctic Ocean, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, Australasia, the Indian Ocean, the Southern Ocean, and Antarctica to the South Pole. The 135th meridian east forms a great circle with the 45th meridian west.

Tiyak na lokasyon ng pilipinas sa latitud at longhitud?

Matatagpuan sa pagitan ng 116° 40' at 126° 34' S. longhitud, at 4° 40' at 21° 10' H. latitud ang Pilipinas

What is the use of latitude and longhitud?

latitud ang longhitud are not actually lines.. these two are the distance of a particular place within its coordinate or grid. the merriodeian line and the parallel lines are the guide that makes the laonhitud and latitud known.

Mahalaga ang longhitud at latitud dahil?

dahil abno ka!

Saan lokasyon sa pilipinas matatagpuan ang pandaka pygmea?

4 hangang 21 degree hilagang latitud at 116 hangang 126 degree silangang longhitud nasa hilagang silanagan ng Malaysia hilaga ng Indonesia timog kanluran ng Taiwan at Korea timog ng japan kanluran ng marianas island

What is the degree longhitud and latitud of Brazil?

The latitude and longitude of Brazil is:10° 0' 0" S / 55° 0' 0" W

Ang kaibahan ng latitude at longitude?

10 degree timog 90 degrees hilagan latitud at mula 11degrees hangang 175 degrees silangang longhitud.........................