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4 hangang 21 degree hilagang latitud

at 116 hangang 126 degree silangang longhitud

nasa hilagang silanagan ng Malaysia

hilaga ng Indonesia

timog kanluran ng Taiwan at Korea

timog ng japan

kanluran ng marianas island

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sa rehiyon ng ilocos

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Q: Saan lokasyon sa pilipinas matatagpuan ang pandaka pygmea?
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Where was Philippines' smallest freshwater pandaka pygmea first discovered?

pandaca pygmea

Which is bigger plankton or pandaka pygmea?

Plankton are usually smaller than Pandaka pygmea. Plankton range from less than 0.2 µm to 20mm+. Pandaka pygmea are usually 1-1.5cm - so some megaplankton will be larger, but in general plankton will be smaller.

Where do you find the pandaka pygmea?

Its the shortest fresh water fish from the Philippines

Where can pandaka pygmea be found?

Pandaka pygmea, also known as the dwarf pygmy goby, is typically found in the coastal waters of the western Pacific Ocean. They are often seen in shallow waters near coral reefs and mangroves in countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea.

Pinaka-maliit na isda sa pilipinas?

dwarf goby(pandaca pygmea)

What is the scientific name of pandaka pygmaea?

The scientific name of Pandaka pygmaea is Triportheus angulatus. This species is a type of characin fish found in South America.

World smallest fish?

The world's smallest fish is Paedocypris progenetica from Indonesia. Mature females measure at 7.99 mm. This fish is a member of the carp family.

Picture ng pandaca pygmea?

is pandaca pygmea the smallest fish? is pandaca pygmea the smallest fish?

Phylum of pandaca pygmea?

The phylum of Pandaca pygmea is Arthropoda.

What is the largest fish in the Philippines?

The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is the largest fish in the Philippines and can grow up to lengths of around 12 meters. These gentle giants are filter feeders, primarily consuming plankton and small fish. They are often spotted in the waters around popular diving spots in the Philippines.

What is the world's smallest fish?

Originated from the philippines, its called " Pandaca Pygmea" its lenght is half the size of a rice granules.YEAH

What is the smallest fish in biology?

pandaca pygmea