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Q: What are the festivals in Quirino?
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What is the capital of quirino?

CABARROGUIS-is the capital of quirino

Policy of elpidio quirino? program of elpedio quirino? weaknes of elpidio quirino strength of elpedio quirino

What is Quirino's population?

The population of Quirino is 176,786.

Who are Elpidio Quirino's siblings?

manuel quirino

What is the birth name of Jennifer Quirino?

Jennifer Quirino's birth name is Jennifer Nichole Quirino.

What is the capital of Quirino province?

The capital of Quirino province in the Philippines is Cabarroguis.

When was Quirino Paulino born?

Quirino Paulino was born in 1960.

When did Quirino Cristiani die?

Quirino Cristiani died in 1984.

When did Quirino Colombani die?

Quirino Colombani died in 1735.

When was Carlos Quirino born?

Carlos Quirino was born in 1910.

When did Quirino Majorana die?

Quirino Majorana died in 1957.

When was Quirino Majorana born?

Quirino Majorana was born in 1871.