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manuel quirino

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Q: Who are Elpidio Quirino's siblings?
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What is the Number of siblings of Elpidio Quirino?

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What is Elpidio Quirino's birthday?

Elpidio Quirino was born on November 16, 1890.

When was Elpidio Quirino born?

Elpidio Quirino was born on November 16, 1890.

When did Alexander of San Elpidio die?

Alexander of San Elpidio died in 1326.

When was Alexander of San Elpidio born?

Alexander of San Elpidio was born in 1269.

When did Elpidio González die?

Elpidio González died on 1951-10-18.

When was Elpidio González born?

Elpidio González was born on 1875-08-01.

When was Elpidio Coppa born?

Elpidio Coppa was born on 1914-10-06.

Whole name of elpidio quirino?

His full name is Elpidio R. Quirino.

When did Elpidio Quirino die?

Elpidio Quirino died on February 29, 1956 at the age of 65.

What is the middle name of elpidio r quirino?

his real complete name is Elpidio R. Quirino

Sino si elpidio quirino?

si elpidio quirino sya ang ikaapat na pangulo ng pilipinas