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pangulong corazon aquino

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elpidio quirino

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Q: Nagtaguyod ng import control law sa pilipinas?
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What are the Import Control Law of Quirino?

import control law

What is our nation's most import source of law?

People who find a need to have a law for something.

Kailan natapos ang Martial Law sa Pilipinas?

April 27, 1521

I am I within the law to import sterling silver that has 925 stamped on it .?

Yes, sterling silver with a 925 stamp indicates that it contains 92.5% pure silver, which is the standard for sterling silver. As long as you follow import regulations and pay any applicable taxes or duties, you should be within the law to import such items.

Did contract labor law of 1864 prohibit import of African labor?

yes, but it included others as well.

What law protected American manufacturers by raising import duties to record highs?

The McKinley Tariff Act

What law allowed southernes to regain political control of the south?

What law allowed southerms to regain political control of the south

Is it legal to narcotic medications from overseas in the mail?

If the substance is illegal/unlawful in the US, it is against the law to import it or order it from overseas.

Law that is administered during periods of strict military control?

martial law

What is the corn law?

The corn law act is an act that was issued in past England. It forbid the import of corn. This made the price of corn rocket up to 80 shillings!(a lot of money)

What do you by Business Law?

I think law is a set of rules that's uses and help to control to other things. Its depended on the type of law. Business law means set of rules that control or help to manage the business related issues.

Was Hitler above the law?

Yes. He had control of the law and was the chancellor(President or Head of State).