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April 27, 1521

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Q: Kailan natapos ang Martial Law sa Pilipinas?
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Why it is possible not to stop martial law?

Martial law is declared by people in authority. Therefore, only those same people can stop martial law.

Pervez Musharraf martial law in Pakistan?

Perwez musharaff martial law was administrator .

How can you use martial in a sentence?

Karate is a famous martial art; the mayor declared martial law after rioting broke out.

What are the questions to be ask during martial law?

what questions could be ask for declaring martial law

How do you use the word Martial martial in a sentence?

After the disaster, the government enacted martial law.

What is the duration of Martial Law TV series?

The duration of Martial Law - TV series - is 2700.0 seconds.

How important martial law?

Martial law is the establishment in a country of an exceptional legal state, in which the army ensures the maintenance of order in place of the police or in collaboration with the latter.

What has the author Zillur R Khan written?

Zillur R. Khan has written: 'Martial law to martial law'

When was Martial Law - TV series - created?

Martial Law - TV series - was created on 1998-09-26.

Which colony was put under martial law in 1774?

Massachusetts was put under the martial law in the 18th century.

Who imposed martial law?

law and legal issues

Can you get a sentence for martial?

Bullies won't pick on students of martial arts for long. When the National Guard moves into a riot-torn area, martial law ensures peace. Will martial law be necessary on the Martian planet?