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Q: How do you say saan ka nakatira in kapampangan?
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How we say how are you and where do you live in tagalog language?

"How are you?" in Tagalog is "Kamusta ka?" and "Where do you live?" is "Saan ka nakatira?"

Saan ka nakatira to ilocano?

Nakatira ako sa Isabela.

How do you say 'where do you live' in Tagalog?

There are many ways you can say it in Tagalog depending on how serious or formal your question will be, please take note of the following:"Saan ka nakatira?" (formal)"Taga san ka?" (conversational)

How do you say take care in kapampangan?

To say "take care" in Kapampangan, you can say "Ingat ka."

What is the translation of where do you live in ilocano?

BTW, Ilocano is what you call the people who lives in Ilocosso, the translation would be "Saan ka nakatira sa Ilocos?"

How do you say 'saan ka nanggaling' in English?

"Saan ka nanggaling" can be translated to "Where did you come from" in English.

How do you say 'where are you going' in Tagalog?

"Where are you going?" in Tagalog is "Saan ka pupunta?"

How do you say tumatanda ka na in kapangpangan?

"Tumatanda ka na" in Kapampangan is "Buri ka na magmaldita."

What is kumain ka na ba in kapampangan?

"Makan na ka ba?" is "Have you eaten?" in Kapampangan.

What is maligo ka na translation in kapampangan?

The translation of "maligo ka na" in Kapampangan is "maligo ka na." It means "take a bath now" in English.

What is beautiful in kapampangan?


What does kamusta ka mean in kapampangan dialect?

"Kamusta ka" in Kapampangan means "How are you" in English. It is a common greeting used to ask someone about their well-being.