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Q: Anu-ano ang pamamaraan sa pagtuturo ng Filipino sa High School?
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What percentage of Filipino high school graduates go to college?

71.1 % of Filipino high school graduates attend college.

What is school pricipal in Filipino?

The term for school principal in Filipino is "punong guro" or "tagapangasiwa ng paaralan."

Do Filipino kids have school on Ninoy Aquino day?

NO SCHOOL ON NINOY AQUINO DAY.August 21, 2012, Ninoy Aquinao Day is a public holiday. The Filipino kids do not have school on this day.


Means mister in Filipino household but in school, it means sir.

What is the status of English language proficiency of filipino nursing students?

The status of English language proficiency of Filipino nursing students is good. All Filipino students are taught English early on in school in the Philippines.


Means Miss/Mrs. in Filipino household but in school, it means Ma'am.

What is the meaning of Filipino as a subject?

Filipino subject is part of the school curriculum in the Philippines. This is where the student would learn all about the Filipino language - good grammar, correct sentence formation, correct pronunciation, vocabulary words, etc.

Why in every school in the Philippines the teachers always teach Filipino subject?

Really. What do you think

What percentage of Filipino elementary graduates go to high school?

Roughly around 2%

Home reading report in high school?

home readings reports in filipino

What are some examples of Filipino declamation piece for a high school student?

Ang Aking Pinsan...

Where you can find a moro-moro piece?

Filipino history books. It is available in all School and Public Libraries.