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Q: Anong mga Patakaran ang ipinatupad ng England sa India?
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Anong bansa ang sinakop ng Portugal England at France sa timog asya?

Ilan sa mga bansang nasakop ng England ay ang Israel, India at Sri Lanka.

Anong Lugar na pinagmulan ng kabihasnang indus?

sa Bansang

How is India different from England?

india is a verry hot courntry and in england there =====================================

Did England take ofter India?

No, England did not take over india

How many test series has India won against England in England?

India have won series against england in england 3 times.

What was England's relation to India?

England owned India as a colony a long time ago

Is India smaller than England?

no India is much much much bigger than England

Is England older than India?

India is older

Why India is better than England?

India is not better than England. Nor is England better than India. Each country has their individual strengths and weaknesses and should be regarded and respected as such.

Did England and Germany fight for control of India?

No England took over India without a fight with the Germans.

How many miles is it from India to England?

From London England, the distance to delhi India is around 4200 miles.

What country did England claim?

I think England claimed India and some other countries.