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Q: Wikang pilipino para sa mga intelektual ni Rolando Tinio?
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When did Rolando Tinio die?

Rolando Tinio died on 1997-07-07.

When was Rolando Tinio born?

Rolando Tinio was born on 1937-03-05.

What does valediction sa hillcrest of rolando tinio meansto the people?

To the vast majority it means nothing at all.

What do you mean by rolando tinio's poem entitled sa poetry?

i dont know please i need your help

Who were writers during the period of activism?

Writers during the period of activism were very vocal about the need for revolutionary change. Rogelio, Rolando, Tinio, Rui Alma, and Mangahas were some of the writers during this period.

When did Manuel Tinio die?

Manuel Tinio died on 1924-02-22.

When was Manuel Tinio born?

Manuel Tinio was born on 1877-06-17.

What actors and actresses appeared in Kadre - 1997?

The cast of Kadre - 1997 includes: Anjanette Abayari Robert Arevalo Polly Cadsawan Gandong Cervantes Manjo del Mundo Tess Dumpit Daniel Fernando Charlene Gonzales Richard Merck Cesar Montano as Ka Ruben Bembol Roco Rolando Tinio Marita Zobel

Who is Jix Rexzor?

Jix Rexzor is the alter ego of Jerlyn Peñola Tinio.

The youngest filipino hero to become a general in the Phil forces?


Who is Remby Tinio?

He is Dumaguete City's best lead guitarist. He has won the award an amazing 8 times out of 8 competitions

What movie and television projects has Rolando Tinio been in?

Rolando Tinio has: Performed in "Aguila" in 1980. Played Bino in "Karnal" in 1983. Played Street Savant in "Baby Tsina" in 1984. Played Camp of Emilio Aguinaldo in "Virgin Forest" in 1985. Played Cardinal Sin (1988) in "A Dangerous Life" in 1988. Played School Principal in "Bilangin ang bituin sa langit" in 1989. Played Prof. Olmeda in "Demonstone" in 1990. Played Father Barrientos in "Kadenang bulaklak" in 1993. Played Mang Berong in "Ikaw" in 1993. Played Mr. Malicsi in "Forever" in 1994. Performed in "Manila Girl: Ikaw ang aking panaginip" in 1995. Played Mr. Tengko in "Run Barbi Run" in 1995. Played Dindo in "Muling umawit ang puso" in 1995. Played Ngidulu in "Mumbaki" in 1996. Performed in "Kadre" in 1997. Performed in "Milagros" in 1997. Performed in "Mananayaw" in 1997. Played Propaganda Vendor in "Curacha ang babaeng walang pahinga" in 1998. Played Apo in "Sa pusod ng dagat" in 1998.