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Q: Why wouldn't ekwefi believe that enzinmas illness was the iba?
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Why wouldn't Ekwefi believe that Ezinma's illness was the iba or fever?

Ekwefi is so used to having her children die on her that she believed that it was Ezinma's time to die and leave her again.

Why is Ezinma's illness so upsetting to Ekwefi?

Ezinma is the only child of Ekwefi who survives past the age of 5. Ekwefi does not wish to lose her oldest surviving child to illness, like many of Ezinma's sisters and brothers. When Ezinma gets sick, part of Ekwefi is resigned that her daughter will die, (like her brothers and sisters) and she begins to grieve.

Why did Ekwefi's children keep dying in Things Fall Apart?

It is probably a genetic trait. It may be inferred that Ekwefi was similar to Ezinma in this respect. The combination of Ekwefi and Okonkwo produced a child who was less likely to survive during infancy and early childhood due to susceptibility to illness, but would grow up well and beautiful if they survived.

What does Ekwefi's comment about Ezinma Perhaps she has come to stay mean?

Ekwefi's comment suggests that perhaps Ezinma has finally recovered from her frequent illness and will now be around for a longer period of time. This reflects Ekwefi's hope and relief that her daughter's health may have improved.

How has Ekwefi suffered in the past?

Ekwefi was first married to Anene, a man she did not love, for two years. Nine of ten children that she bore died in childbirth, while Okonkwo's other wives had many healthy children. Ekwefi was occasionally beat by Okonkwo. Ekwefi was nearly shot by Okonkwo's gun when he was in a rage. Ekwefi had to let her child go with Chielo in the middle of the night as Ekwefi worried about her.

What is Ekwefi and Ezinma's relationship like?

Ezinma was an ogbanje child and Ekwefi is her mother. Since an ogbanje child is on whom dies but comes back to cause the mother pain, this shows that this was what Ezinma was supposed to do. Ezinma is the only child Ekwefi had and this was why. Because she is the only child, Ezinma and Ekwefi are very close.

What is the relationship between Chielo and Ekwefi?

Chielo is friends with Ekwefi, and they get along well. Chielo sometimes gives bean cakes to Ekwefi to give to Ezinma. However, when Chielo becomes the priestess, she becomes like a completely separate person with no empathetic relationship with Ekwefi. Ekwefi is afraid of this incarnation of Chielo.

What did the medicine man tell Okonkwo after the death of Ekwefi?

This event did not happen. Ekwefi was still alive when Okonkwo hung himself. However, many of Ekwefi's children had died before.

What did Ekwefi do after Ezinma went to see Agbala?

Ekwefi decided to follow the priestess who was taking Ezinma to see Agbala.

How many children does Ekwefi lose to death in Things Fall Apart?

Ekwefi loses 9 of her 10 children in infancy.

Why does Ekwefi recoil from Chielo when she turns around?

Ekwefi recoils from Chielo because Chielo embodies the spirit of Agbala, the Oracle of the Hills and Caves. Agbala is a powerful and feared deity that commands respect and obedience from the villagers. Ekwefi, like others, is in awe of Agbala's spiritual and mystical presence.

Why can't Ekwefi get pregnant in Things Fall Apart?

This is inaccurate. Ekwefi gets pregnant often, but her children do not live long into infancy.