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kasi ang baho ni VAHID xDD

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Q: Why oil is difficult to transferfrom one container to another?
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Why is oil difficult to transfer from one container to another?

Oil is difficult to transfer from one container to another because of its high viscosity. Pouring oil from one container to another is a slow process and time consuming.

Can you keep olive oil and neem oil in the same container?

Neem oil is not used for cooking and shouldn't be mixed with another oil that is. Mixing them would reduce the usefulness of each.

Metal container for oil?

cylinder. noun. a metal container for gas or liquid.

How do you separate oil and water in a container?

they separete on their own if you let the container sit, the oil rises to the top

What is the name of metal container for oil?

ScuttlePerhaps you are looking for the word "oilcan".

What is a container for oil?


How do I stop coconut oil from leaking from its container?

Close the container fully.

How is oil harnessed?

in an oil container. (IE: oil tank, oil pan, oil bottle)

What is the name of a container used to store oil?

Oil can, oil drum, or barrel.

How many gallons of oil are in 8456 pounds?

How to solve this equation:1 Take one gallon of your viscosity motor oil. ie. 10-30 or 5 weight... and weigh it. 2 pour it into another container and weigh the empty container. 3 subtract the container from the combined weight. 4. It will weigh around 8 lbs-9.3 lbs. per gallon depending on thickness of oil. 5. Now take your calculator and hit 8456/ 8.? the weight of one gallon without container. 6. This will tell you how much the oil weighs. But don't forget the weight of the large container that will hold the oil roughly 1000 gallons

What is a metal container for oil?

Can, or barrel.

What is fcl container?

Olive oil