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Q: Why is the proverb matibay ang walis palibhasay magkabigkis humurous?
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How do you spell proverb?


Is a wise saying maxim or proverb?


Is there proverb about word like?

nopee there is not a proverb

What is an easy sentence for proverb?

I was unaware of that proverb.

What is the correct proverb for a home is private?

One proverb that pertains is " A man's home is his castle." I do not claim that it is "The correct Proverb" .

How do you put proverb in a sentence?

Proverb is what u can use in a sentence.

What is a Mexican proverb?

a mexincan proverb is a law significated for mexians

A sentence for the word proverb?

Synonyms for proverb include truism or aphorism.

Is proverb good?

It depends upon how you are living. A proverb is a guideline to living right.

When was Proverb Jacobs born?

Proverb Jacobs was born on 1935-05-25.

What kind of proverb is if you save you have something to withdraw?

This is a proverb expressing a system of value.

Obi's response to the priest and his proverb is?

Obi's response to the priest and his proverb is disdain.