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di kaya nating gawin ang gusto natin thank you:)

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Q: Why is it important to know the change that matter undergo?
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Why is it important to know the changes in matter?

to classified weather it is a chemical or physical change :))

What does underwent mean?

undergo: to endure underwent is just the past tense of undergo. if you were to use "undergo" you would say "She no longer wanted to undergo such pain, and so, she took her own life" or "little did she know, she was about to undergo such a change that no one could prepare for" in this case, "underwent" would be used like... "Because of this dissociation, she underwent a change both mentally and physically."

What chemical change did the statue of liberty likely undergo describe the propeties before and after the chemical change?

Blah Blah...Sorry dont know the answer:(

Why it is important to know which substance are available acidic and which are base?

Acids undergo similar reactions. Bases undergo similar reactions. Acids and bases react with each other to neutralize each other.

Is measuring matter important?

Not unless there's something about the matter that you really need to know. Examples: -- If you need to know whether the matter will fit through the door, then it's important to measure its width and height. -- If you need to know whether the matter is safe to eat yet, then it's important to measure its internal temperature. -- If you're buying some of the matter and you need to know what it should cost, then it's important for somebody ... either the buyer or the seller ... to measure its length, weight, area, or volume.

A change in matter that produces new substances is called?

Chemical change. References: Intro to Matter book.

Why is it important to know an area's magnetic declination?

It may not be important, but it IS a matter of wide interest, because it determines the length of daylight and darkness everywhere on Earth, as well as the onset of each change of seasons.

Is it difficult to change spark plugs in town and country?

I don't know why you couldn't change them, no matter where you are.

Why is it so important to know difference between compound and mixture?

Scientists want to know all about matter and universe.Also this is important for all technologies.

When a chemical change occurs what do you know about the amount of matter in the new substances What is this known as?

The amount of matter in the reactants is equal to the amount of matter in the products. This is the Law of Conservation of Matter.

What does it mean when a boy likes you and know his brothers know you and friends know you?

He likes you that is what is important. it doesn't matter who else knows you.

How does a chemical change affect the composition of matter?

chemical change = chemical reaction. ( the composition of matter always changes). In a chemical change the matter in one thing changes, for example you will know a chemical change has occurred when the color or odor has changes or when a new gas is given off.