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kasi importante ang mahalaga

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Q: Why is it important to keep the sickroom clean orderly and pleasant?
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Why is it important to keep the room clean orderly and pleasant?

One reason to keep a room clean is because of health. A dirty room is a place for germs. Another reason is because a clean and orderly room is more inviting to be in, and has a more soothing effect on a person.

How important is it to keep the work area swept and in order?

A clean, orderly work place is very important because it increases safety and aids in production.

What is the opposite of chaotic?

The opposite of neat (clean, organized) could be messy or untidy. It could also be cluttered, disorganized, or sloppy.

What did the colonial women do at home?

they kept their houses clean and orderly

What is the difference between neat and clean?

Neat means that things are orderly. Clean means they aren't dirty.

What is a synonym for neat and orderly?

Organized, clean, tidy, nice, sorted

What city is in southeast Asia is clean orderly and almost free of crime?


What are the synonyms for neat?

Synonyms can include tidy, clean, orderly, organized, or shipshape.

What is neatness?

Neatness means something is orderly and clean. There is no clutter or disarray.

How do you spell tidy?

That is the correct spelling of the adjective "tidy" (clean, neat, orderly).

Why is cleanliness a responsibility of every person?

cleanliness and orderliness are closely relate.And being clean and orderly

How can you make your homes and surroundings clean?

You can make your home and surroundings clean by being organized. Keeping everything in it's proper place will ensure a neat and orderly household and minimize clean up time.