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Q: Why did Uri order Misha to never speak to him?
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Why does uri order misha to never speak to him in milkweed?

How did Mr. Milgrom try to shield misha and janina form the bombs?

Why did uri order misha never to speak to him again?

He was underwater 5 years so he forgot to speak. 3.He was psychologically muted so he didn't know how to speak.

How does Misha first meet Uri?

Misha stole bread from a lady, who Uri was about to steal from, too. Then Uri caught up with Misha, and Misha joined the gang.

Where did Uri shoot Misha in Milkweed?

Uri shot Misha in the head in the novel "Milkweed" by Jerry Spinelli.

How has life changed for Misha and Uri in this chapter How has Misha adapted to this change?

In this chapter, Misha and Uri's friendship grows as they work together to survive in the harsh conditions of the ghetto. Misha has adapted to the change by becoming more resourceful and taking risks to help himself and Uri. He learns to navigate the dangers of the ghetto while caring for Uri and finding moments of joy and connection amidst the hardship.

About the book Milkweed how does Misha or Jack meet Uri?

In the book "Milkweed," Jack meets Uri when he discovers him hiding in his apartment building. Misha encounters Uri when he is roaming the streets and steals food from him. Both interactions lead to the boys becoming friends and forming a bond throughout the story.

Who are four of the main characters of Milkweed and a brief description of them?

The 4 main characters are: Misha, Uri, Janina, and Doctor Korzak. (for a brief description see the related link)

Who was the jackboots how shot off misha's ear?

Uri, who had become a Jackboot soldier, shot off Misha's ear at Stawki station after Janina boarded the train because Misha was trying to keep her off of it.

Who is Misha Pilsudski?

Misha Pilsudski is the main character of a novel called "Milkweed" by Jerry Spinelli. He lives in the city of Warsaw (in Poland) during WW2. Misha is Russian and a kid a bit older than him named uri is another main character that helps keep misha alive.

In the book Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli is Uri pretending to be a Jackboot?

Yes, in the book Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli, Uri pretends to be a Jackboot soldier in order to survive and protect himself. He adopts the persona of a Jackboot in order to blend in and avoid being targeted as a Jew.

What are Uri character traits in the book milkweed?

In the book "Milkweed" by Jerry Spinelli, Uri is portrayed as brave, protective, and street-smart. He looks out for others in the group, especially Misha, and demonstrates a deep sense of loyalty and friendship. Despite his tough exterior, Uri also shows moments of kindness and vulnerability.

Who are the main characters in Milkweed?

The main characters in "Milkweed" by Jerry Spinelli are Misha Pilsudski, who is a young boy living on the streets of Warsaw during World War II, and the narrator, who remains unnamed throughout the story. The narrator shares Misha's experiences and observations as he navigates the harsh realities of war and the struggle for survival.