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Q: Why development is aided by stimulation translate in tagalog?
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What is the full form of qad in erp?

Quality aided development

Exploration was aided by advances in astronomy and the development of what instrument?

The sextant and the compass.

In your job in the new product development section of a manufacturing company which of these technologies would be of most benefit to you - robot computer-aided design computer-aided manufacturing?

Computer-aided design - Confirmed B.

What subregion of the US is most aided by the development of irrigation and air conditioning?

i have no clue

What tools automate manage and simplify development process for programming?

computer-aided engineering

Which policies enacted by Genghis khan aided the development of Mongolian society?

PLATO) all of the above

Which factors aided the development of new media as a global art movement?

globalization of cultures and economics

What are two major factors that aided the development of complex social systems?

an increase in wealth and trade

Describe industrial growth in New England and identify the geographical incentives that aided in its development?

can someone help me

Robert Fulton's steamboat aided the economic development of the US by?

ending American dependence onEuopean shipping

The invention of the telegraph aided the economic development of the United States by?

Increasing the speed of communication between people.

What changes or developments brought by chemistry do you observed in your home school and community?

Chemistry has aided in the production of better medicines, improving medical healthcare. Also, it has aided in the development and progress of the food processing industry.