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nanggaling ito sa kuwento mula sa mga bisaya

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Q: Who is the writer of amomongo at iput-iput?
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Why did iput-iput challenge amomongo?

Iput-iput challenged amomongo because he wanted to prove amomongo that he is not weak and coward

What good moral can we get from the story of amomongo at aput ipot?

One possible moral from the story of Amomongo at Aput Ipรณt is that true love and kindness can transform even the most unlikely individuals. It also teaches the value of acceptance and empathy towards those who may appear different from us.

May akda ng kwento ni amomongo at ni iput-iput?

putang ina ng nag basa n2

Pwedeng pabasa ng kuwento ni amomongo at si iput-iput?

OO NAMAN, walang tumitigil sayo bumasa nito :p

How can I find the story about Amomongo at Iput-Iput?

The story of Amomongo at Iput-Iput is a Filipino folktale that varies in different regions. To find the specific version you are looking for, you can search for books on Filipino folklore, visit local libraries, or ask elders or storytellers from the Philippines who may be familiar with the tale. Online resources and forums that discuss Filipino folklore and mythology can also be helpful in uncovering more about this story.

Estorya ng amomongo at ipot-ipot?

nabuhay qha pa sa mundon google qhq asar.............. tnawag kphang google dapat tawag sau gag@

Sinu sino ang tauhan sa pabulang si amomonggo at iput iput?

si amomongo po ay isang gorilla at si iput-iput ay isang alitaptap,ito po ay isang kwento mula sa kabisayaan,ang katangian ni amomongo ay mayabang at si iput-iput naman ay pikon...♥♥♥

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