Who is the winner in senador?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Q: Who is the winner in senador?
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What is Senador Guiomard's population?

Senador Guiomard's population is 18,863.

Gatasan ng congressman at senador?

gatasan ng senador at congreman

What is the area of Senador Guiomard?

The area of Senador Guiomard is 2,047 square kilometers.

When was Associação Desportiva Senador Guiomard created?

Associação Desportiva Senador Guiomard was created in 1982.

How do you say 'senator' in Spanish?


What is the Tagalog of senators?

mga senador

Ano ang tungkulin ng isang senador?

ang mga tungkulin ng mga senador ay maging tapat at totoo sa kanilang mga gawain.

Who are the senador of the philippines in order?

Yo Mumma was it

What actors and actresses appeared in Chegada do Senador Pinheiro Machado - 1912?

The cast of Chegada do Senador Pinheiro Machado - 1912 includes: Pinheiro Machado

How many syllables does the Spanish word senador have?


What is the Tagalog term of senator?

Tagalog translation of senator: senador

What actors and actresses appeared in Guris Guiris - 2012?

The cast of Guris Guiris - 2012 includes: Roberto Daste as Senador Miguel Lago Casal as Hunter Juan Rueda as Senador