Who is the scretary of POEA?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Q: Who is the scretary of POEA?
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Secretary of PNP?

who is the scretary of bid

What is meant by the initials POEA?

POEA stands for the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. POEA's mission is to not only facilitate the hiring of Filipino workers but also to protect the rights and interests of those workers.

Meaning of POEA?

POEA=Philippine overseas employment agency -xxx answered by : kaycee Nicole e. acis

Who is the present secretary of poea?

Bienvinido lumbrera

Who is the secretary of poea?

bienvenido E. laguesma

Is sea princess unlimited training company registered in PO EA?

NO sea princess unlimited not accredited in poea please see the list of agency accredited in poea

Was Alexander Hamilton scretary of the treasury?

Yes Alexander Hamilton was and he was a good one too

When is the next KLT exam in the Philippines?

kindly call the poea

Can you renew your passport in the poea office even you has no appointment and working contract?

You can if you have all the papers needed and that you are not staying there illegally.

Who is responsible for conditions at Walter reed army hospital for injured troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan?

i would have to say it should the respomsibleites of the scretary of state or the secretary of veterans affairs.

Is the scretary of agriculture appointed?

Like other US federal Cabinet offices, the Secretary of Agriculture is nominated by the president, but has to be confirmed by the Senate. While this is normally a formality, the nominations have, on occasion, been challenged.

Who are the first two people in order of succession if the president cannot complete his term?

Vice President, then Scretary of State. Currently, under the Obama Administration, Vice President Biden would be "next in line" for the presidency, followed by Secretary of State Clinton.