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Q: Who is the deputy spokesperson of Gloria macapagal arroyo?
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Who is deputy Fabian Arteaga Jr from tyler Texas?

DeputyArteaga has worked for the County of Smith since 2001 in the capacity a Texas peace officer. Deputy Arteaga is at this time, is the school resource officer at the Chapel Hill ISD located on St Hwy 64 E in Smith county. Deputy Arteaga was also in the Smith County Court house shooting when the suspect Daniel Arroyo killed his wife and shot his son Daniel Arroyo Jr.Deputy Arteaga was also a reserve Smith County Deputy Constable for PCT 1 for a short time.Deputy Arteaga did also at one time work for the Dallas ISD in the capacity of a security officer for the school SCGC School Community Guidance Center under Principal Phillip Allen.

The chief spokeswoman for states right was?

Jen Psaki is the States department chief spokesperson and the former spokesperson for Barrack Obama. She served as a deputy press secretary for John Kerry during the 2004 presidential campaign.

What is the title of the second command in the state of Kansas?

Deputy to the Governor or deputy governor Deputy to the Governor or deputy governor Deputy to the Governor or deputy governor

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When I grow up, I want to be a deputy sheriff.

Do you capitalize deputy?

no unless it is a specific deputy like Deputy Thomas

What is the singular possessive of deputy?


What does deputy mean?

A deputy is someone who is a subordinate. Powers or duties are "deputed" to a deputy by his or her superior.

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Deputy Librarians

Should it be Deputies or Deputy's - Must be left in the deputies vehicle?

Deputy's: Must be left in the deputy's vehicle.

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There is no deputy Cm in Orissa.

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what was the argument about between the two engineers and the deputy chief

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In the warriors series, the senior warriors would sometimes share in a Deputy's duties when the deputy was not around.