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Q: Who is the bise gobernador in marikina?
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What is a hot southerly wind on the alps called?


What is Marikina's population?

Marikina's population is 496,205.

What is the dam that cause flood in marikina?

No dam in Marikina.

How tall is Stephen Bise?

Stephen Bise is 5' 10".

What is the gobernador?

Gobernador means Governor. Spanish to English.

What is the area of Marikina?

The area of Marikina is 21.5 square kilometers.

When was Marikina created?

Marikina was created on 1996-12-08.

When was Gobernador Gregores created?

Gobernador Gregores was created in 1871.

When was El Gobernador created?

El Gobernador was created in 1883.

What is Gobernador Virasoro's population?

The population of Gobernador Virasoro is 28,756.

What is the different places in Marikina City?

Marikina City is part of the Metro Manila area in the Philippines. There are many different tourist places you can visit in Marikina City. These areas include the Shoe Museum, SM City Marikina and Marikina Sports Park Complex.

What is a bise?

A bise is a cold, dry, northerly wind in France, Switzerland and other countries.