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Q: Who could be better revolutionary leader Andres bonifacio or Emilio aguinaldo?
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How did the filipino kill Andres bonifacio and where did Andres bonifacio?

He was killed by his fellow filipinos because of Emilio Aguinaldo. Because Emilio Aguinaldo Ordered his men to kill Andres Bonifacio and his men to get Andres Bonifacio out of his leadership!!

What is the role of Emilio Aguinaldo in the life of Andres Bonifacio?

Andres Bonifacio was able to catch the eye of Emilio Aguinaldo which helped him overthrow the Spanish rule.

Why did Emilio aguinaldo kill Andres bonifacio?

Emilio Aguinaldo kill Andres Bonifacio because of the tejeros convention and the documentary ''ACTA DE TEJEROS'' and Aguinaldo think that Bonifacio can be a hindrance in there plans, -adrianG

Who are the forefathers of the Philippines?

Andres Bonifacio,Emilio Aguinaldo

Who signed the death sentence of Andres Bonifacio?

Emilio Aguinaldo.

Who is the traitor Emilio Aguinaldo or Andres Bonifacio?

Who's got blood on their hands

Why was Emilio Aguinaldo does not considered as a national hero?

He headed the murder of Andres Bonifacio and General Luna

How did the filipino kill Andres bonifacio and where did Andres bonifacio die?

Emilio Aguinaldo ordered the soldiers to kill Andres Bonifacio on Mt. Buntis. He was not alone when killed, he was with his brother, Procopio Bonifacio. The two were shot, with a case of betrayal of country.

Who are the main characters of the movie watawat?

Marcelo Agoncillo Andres Bonifacio Apolinario Mabini Emilio Aguinaldo

Why should Rizal be the national hero of the Philippines instead of Andres Bonifacio?

because Jose Rizal die by the firing squad of the Spanish while Andres Bonifacio killed by people of Emilio Aguinaldo which is a Filipino not a Spanish.

Who are the nominated hero in the Philippines?

andres bonifacio emilio aguinaldo jose rizal apolinario mabini marcelo h del pilar

Do you really believe that Emilio aguinaldo is responsible for bonifacios death?

yes! because Emilio Aguinaldo a good hero. He never want to killed a person. He thinks before he do things. He is so RESPONSIBLE for Andres Bonifacio's deadth.