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Andres Bonifacio

Emilio Jacinto

Gregoria de Jesus

Teodoro Plata

Valentin Diaz

Deodato Arellano

Ladislao Diwa

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Q: Who are the member of katipunan?
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What are the three kinds of members of the katipunan?

Katipon, kawal and bayani are the three kinds of member of the katipunan

Who was the first woman member of the katipunan in July 1893?

Gabriela Silang

Father of katipunan?

Andrés Bonifacio, a member of the La Liga Filipina, founded the Katipunan in a house in San Nicolas, Manila on July 7, 1892.

What is The Bible katipunan?

bible ng katipunan

Who is the brain of katipunan?

The Brain of Katipunan is Emilio Jacinto

How does the Katipunan discovered and who discovered it?

The Katipunan was a secret revolutionary society founded in 1892 in the Philippines. It was discovered accidentally by a Spanish officer named Teodoro Patiño, who intercepted a confidential letter addressed to a member of the society. This led to the subsequent investigation and arrests of several Katipunan members, eventually leading to the Philippine Revolution against Spanish colonization.

When was Katipunan created?

Katipunan was created on 1892-07-07.

Why did bonifacio decide to organize the katipunan?

why did bonifacio decide to organize katipunan

How was Bonifacio stripped of his leadership in the Katipunan?

how was bonifacio stripped on his leadership in katipunan

What was the immediate cause of founding of the katipunan?

nandito nga ako para humanap ng sagot

When was Katipunan LRT Station created?

Katipunan LRT Station was created in 2003.

Who is macaria pangilinan in the katipunan?

she was the niece of Francisco Makabulos and served in the Katipunan with the rank of Captain