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Sa Cr ng Mall of Asia

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Q: Where was the spolarium of Juan Luna made?
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Who made the spolarium?

juan Luna

Ano ang spolarium ni Juan Luna?

It's a painting by Juan Luna. You will see the Spolarium in Pambansang Museo ng Pilipinas

What are meaning of each pictures in the spolarium of juan Luna?

IT is about war

Painting of spolarium?

Spolarium or the Spoliarium is a painting painted by Juan Luna to compare the inhumane treatment of Spaniards to Filipino people during the Spanish colonization.

When was Spolarium by Juan Luna Created?

november 22 1859

What is Spolarium?

Spolarium is a painting by Filipino artist Juan Luna, completed in 1884. It depicts slaves waiting for the call to fight in the Roman Colosseum. The painting is considered a masterpiece and is housed in the National Museum of Fine Arts in the Philippines.

What is the message of the painting spolarium?

The spolarium is a. Painting that is painted by juan Luna. It shows the life of the Filipinos during the Spanish times. They were maltreated this painting shows inhumanity because Filipino people are being killed.

What is the purpose of juan Luna's spolarium?

It shows the underbelly of the Roman Colosseum, showing the carcasses of the Gladiators being hauled away. It is a metaphor for Spanish colonialism in the Philippines, exposing the gruesome and unjust nature of their rule.

Pen name of Juan Luna?

pen name of juan Luna

Anu ano ang hilig gawin ni juan Luna?

Search google naa man kaha kay common sense

How much was the parisian life made by juan Luna?

36 million dollars

Was the painting Spolarium made of blood?