Where was sa bodeen born?

Updated: 12/3/2022
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Q: Where was sa bodeen born?
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What is the theme of the compound by sa bodeen?


How does Eli feel about his father in the compound by SA bodeen?

i really forgot

What genre is the compound by SA Bodeen?

Realistic Fiction!!

When was DeWitt Bodeen born?

DeWitt Bodeen was born on July 25, 1908, in Fresno, California, USA.

What is the mothers name in the compound by sa bodeen?

She doesnt have a name in the book

What happens to the father at the end of the book The Compound by SA Bodeen?

He got blown up.

What is the birth name of DeWitt Bodeen?

DeWitt Bodeen's birth name is Homer DeWitt Bodeen.

What is the theme in the compound by sa bodeen?

the theme is about kills people and a father turning on the family andp ere body dies

Is there a movie of the compound by SA Bodeen?

No, there is not. Hopefully there will be, and it is a fantastic book. But it was published in 2008 and redone in 2011 for scholastic, and it takes a long time to film a movie.

What is the exposition to the compound by sa bodeen?

In the novel "The Compound" by S.A. Bodeen, the exposition introduces readers to a wealthy family who has constructed a survival shelter deep underground in response to a global catastrophe. The story focuses on the aftermath and psychological effects of living in confinement within the compound for an extended period.

When did DeWitt Bodeen die?

DeWitt Bodeen died on March 12, 1988, in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Who are the characters in compound by a SA Bodeen?

The main characters in "Compound" by S.A. Bodeen are Eli and his family. The story follows Eli as he and his family are forced to live in an underground bunker, known as the compound, after a nuclear attack. The story explores the dynamics and psychological impact this confinement has on the family members.