Where did tumbang preso originated?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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malamang sa pilipinas!!ano pa ba??sa china??ehh loko ka pala eh...san mo ba natutunan maglaro ng tumbang preso?diba dito sa ating bansang tinatawag na PILIPINAS?!loko loko..hindi mo pa alam yan?try mo kaya ano?!nang malaman mo..

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Q: Where did tumbang preso originated?
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What is tumbang preso?

tumbang preso is a filipino game that have a can and a piece of slipper

Where does tumbang preso originate?


What are the rules of playing tumbang preso?

whats the proedure?

What is the materyal for tumbang preso?

Empty can of milk and a Slipper as a Pamato

Which filipino game that uses a can and pamato?

Tumbang preso or tumba lata

What is the history of tumbang preso?

Tumbang Preso is a traditional game using an empty milk can and a piece of flat stone or pamato. It's played by children in the Philippines either in their backyards or the street. The object of the game is for the player to knock down all the cans with the pamato while it's being guarded by the IT.

What is the difference between game and sports?

games are for fun only like tumbang preso, while the sports are for battles like olympics.... lol

Can I get the Background of the indigenous game kho-kho?

what are the indigeneous game?? A. tumbang preso,tigso, patintero,luksong tinik,sungka taguan etc.

What are the indigenous games in Philippines?

i think those are patintero,tumbang preso ,luksong tinik ,palosebo,luksong baka,langit lupa and taguan.

What is the airport code for Buluh Tumbang Airport?

The airport code for Buluh Tumbang Airport is TJQ.

What is indigenous game?

ang indigenous games ay mga laro na hindi natin alam kung sino ang nag pa-uso katulad ng patintero, tumbang preso, luksong tinik, palosebo, luksong baka, langit lupa, at taguan..

What are the BICOL games?

patintero, , , tumbang lata, , ,and othes, , ,