Where did antas work?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Q: Where did antas work?
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What is the population of Antas?

The population of Antas is 3,389.

What is the birth name of Maura Antas?

Maura Antas's birth name is Maura Locke Antas.

What is the area of Antas?

The area of Antas is 100 square kilometers.

When was Jolanta Antas created?

Jolanta Antas was created in 1999.

When was Jolanta Antas born?

Jolanta Antas was born in 1954.

What nicknames does Antas go by?

Antas goes by Stephane Vidali.

How tall is Maura Antas?

Maura Antas is 5' 4".

How many pages does Jolanta Antas have?

Jolanta Antas has 348 pages.

What is the ISBN of Jolanta Antas?

The ISBN of Jolanta Antas is 83-7052-865-1.

Antas n komprehensyon sa pagbasa?

antas ng komprehensyon sa pagbasa

Ano ang kahulugan ng bawat antas?

ano ang 2 antas ng kasaysayan

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