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Q: Where did Christine Anu go to school?
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When was Christine Anu born?

Christine Anu was born on March 15, 1970.

Is Christine Anu Aboriginal?

Christine Anu is of Torres Strait Islander descent. This makes her an indigenous Australian.

How old was Christine Anu when she start singing?

Christine Anu was 22 when she started singing as back-up vocalist to the rainmakers band

Is Christine Anu indigenous?

Yes, indeed she is.

What instruments does Christine anu play?


Who is Christine Anu's husband?

I think Rodger Corser

Who is Christine Anu married to?

I think she is married to Rodger Corser.

Where did Christine Baranski go to college?

Christine Baranski went to Juilliard School (BFA)

Is Christine Anu still alive?

yes she is and shes 41 now

When was ANU School of Music created?

ANU School of Music was created in 1965.

Where can you get CD of Christine anu singing Little Drummer Boy?

I wish I knew

Does Christine anu have any children?

Yes, Anu is mother of two children - Kuiam (born 1996) and Zipporah Mary (born 2002).