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Q: Where can I get morning wqter from tbJoshua in SA?
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How many children TBJOSHUA have?


What is the names of TBJoshua children?

Faye and olly

What is the tagalog translation of the morning offering?

The Tagalog translation of the morning offering is "alay sa umaga."

What is the tagalog version of morning offering?

The Tagalog version of "morning offering" is "alay sa umaga."

How do you say morning and twilight in Japanese?

朝と黄昏 /a sa to ta so ga re/. 朝 /a sa/: morning と /to/: and 黄昏 /ta so ga re/: twilight

Is profet tbjoshua ameber of freemason?

Unless a person specifically says that he is a member of the Freemasons, it is difficult to say one way or another whether he is.

What is the meaning of a run sa what Thai word?

I am sure it means "good morning" in Thai "arun" meaning morning or dawn. sawat good.

How you say good morning in Fiji?

Ni Sa Yadra, i think. hope it helps!

How do you say good afternoon in Thai?

We don't really say "good afternoon." For time-specific greetings, we only have morning and night: a-run sa-wad (good morning) ra-tree sa-wad (good night) However, We do have "good evening". Sar-Yan-Sa-Wad = Good evening.

What is magandang araw sa inyong lahat in Muslim dialect?

Good morning to all of you and how is your life.

How do you say good morning in a Palestinian Arabic dialect?

Assalamu alaikum (as-sa-la-mu-alai-kum

What is 'Good morning everyone' when translated from English to Fijian?

English Phrase - Fijian Translation - Pronunciation Good morning everyone - Dou sa yadra vinaka - Doe sah yahndrah veenahkah This is a shortened Fijian phrase of expressing good morning to everyone.It is commonly used.Say this Fijian phrase well and people will think you are a local. :)