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Gulong ng Palad was created on 2006-01-09.

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Busabos ng Palad was created in 1909.

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Q: When was Gulong ng Palad created?
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What is the duration of Gulong ng Palad?

The duration of Gulong ng Palad is -2400.0 seconds.

When did Gulong ng Palad end?

Gulong ng Palad ended on 2006-05-12.

What is the end part in Gulong ng Palad?

The ending of "Gulong ng Palad" reveals that Luisa and Carding are reunited and live happily-ever-after with their children. The story concludes with a message of hope and resilience amidst life's challenges.

Pangangati ng palad?

sanhi ng pangangati ng palad

History of drama in the philippines?

The Philippine drama also known as teleserye or teledrama, is a television program in a form of melodramatic fictions. The very first soap opera was entitled "Gulong ng Palad" that was aired on the radio in 1949.

Ano ang salitang walang palad?

ano ang kahulugan ng walang palad?

What was non-rationalism?

In Non-rationalism, man has to adopt himself to nature and to forces outside of himself. It is manifested through uncritical acceptance, reverence, and protection of rituals like bahala na, gulong ng palad, bad luck..etc(Ref: HBO by Mison)

When was Bukas Palad Music Ministry created?

Bukas Palad Music Ministry was created in 1986.

Ano ibig sabihin ng kaluwagang palad?

Kahulugan ng kaluwagang_palad?

What actors and actresses appeared in Gulong ng palad - 1977?

The cast of Gulong ng palad - 1977 includes: Ronald Corveau as Carding Medel Metring David Marianne de la Riva as Luisa Tita De Villa Caridad Sanchez as Nanay Idad Romnick Sarmenta as Peping Augusto Victa as Tatay Tomas

What actors and actresses appeared in Alipin ng palad - 1938?

The cast of Alipin ng palad - 1938 includes: Miguel Anzures Andres Centenera Rudy Concepcion Tita Duran Rosario Moreno Nati Rubi

Ano ang ibig sabihin ng kadaupang-palad?

olok ka tae kantot