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Djevojka sa sela was created in 1998.

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Q: When was Djevojka sa sela created?
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When was Sela Mansion created?

Sela Mansion was created in 1762.

When was Solovey iz sela Marshintsy created?

Solovey iz sela Marshintsy was created on 1966-01-01.

What actors and actresses appeared in Lupus - 2012?

The cast of Lupus - 2012 includes: Narcisa Cvitanovic Stasa Dukic as Djevojka Maja Izetbegovic as Djevojka Ena Kurtalic as Djevojka Alen Muratovic as Profesor

What is Uršna Sela's population?

Uršna Sela's population is 588.

When did Sela Nanovo die?

Sela Nanovo died in 2003.

When was Michael Sela born?

Michael Sela was born in 1924.

What is the population of Stara Sela?

The population of Stara Sela is 49.

When was Ruti Sela born?

Ruti Sela was born in 1974.

What is the population of Mrčna sela?

Mrčna sela's population is 152.

What is Velika Sela's population?

The population of Velika Sela is 21.

What is the population of Drganja sela?

Drganja sela's population is 162.

When was Benny Sela born?

Benny Sela was born in 1971.