When did Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas end?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas ended on 2011-04-20.

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Q: When did Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas end?
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Meaning ng wakas?

"wakas" means "end",tapos na.example:ang pelikula ay wakas English :The movie is end.

When did Jao Nang end?

Jao Nang ended in 1990.

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Nang Tard ended on 2008-06-23.

When did Nang Sib Song - lakorn - end?

Nang Sib Song - lakorn - ended in 2003.

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Tagalog words that start with W: wala - none walis - broom watawat - flag walo - eight wagas - pure wagi - victory waglit - missing wahi - dispersion wakas - end welga - labor strike wido - aptitude wisik - sprinkle

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Niccolo Michiavelli English version: "The end justify the means"

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Wala akong sagot.😂

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ng buong pagibig o nanalo ako apos y wala roon ang sinta ko ay hindi siya apos y crossed babae sa isang milyon ang kaibigan ko sana nakilala nya pagkapanalo sa wakas

Why did the hsia dynasty end?

bumagsak ito nang mag-alsa ang mga Shang sa pamumuno ni Cheng Tang.Ingglisin niyo na lang po.

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Kung Mahawi Man Ang Ulap ended on 2007-11-09.

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Wagkang susoko nang dahil lng SA Isang pagkamali sainyong kabanata SA Buhay mo