When did Habang Kapiling Ka end?

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Habang Kapiling Ka ended on 2003-10-17.

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Q: When did Habang Kapiling Ka end?
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What is the duration of Habang Kapiling Ka?

The duration of Habang Kapiling Ka is 1800.0 seconds.

When was Habang Kapiling Ka created?

Habang Kapiling Ka was created on 2002-11-04.

What actors and actresses appeared in Habang kapiling ka - 2002?

The cast of Habang kapiling ka - 2002 includes: Chin Chin Gutierrez as Venus Angelika dela Cruz as Erica Sunshine Dizon Toni Gonzaga as Emilie Tootsie Guevarra Richard Gutierrez as Basilio Ruffa Gutierrez as Helga Zoren Legaspi as Jonas Alma Moreno as Salve Victor Neri as Julius Chynna Ortaleza as Donna Amy Perez as Divine Ogata Bryan Revilla Snooky Serna as Olivia Railey Valeroso as Pierre Paolo

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When did Habang May Buhay end?

Habang May Buhay ended on 2010-05-14.

What movie and television projects has Railey Valeroso been in?

Railey Valeroso has: Played Icko in "Click" in 1999. Played Andy in "Singsing ni Lola" in 2002. Played Pierre Paolo in "Habang kapiling ka" in 2002. Performed in "Love to Love" in 2003. Played Ditto in "Kuya" in 2004. Played Pietro Avelino (2008) in "Palos" in 2008. Played Paul Javier in "Dahil may isang ikaw" in 2009. Played Sana Wala Ka Pa in "Pangarap kong jackpot" in 2009.

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Luv Ka The End was created on 2011-05-06.

When did Grihalakshmi Ka Jinn end?

Grihalakshmi Ka Jinn ended in 1997.

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