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Natural-born citizens,and Naturalized Filipinos

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Q: What what are the kinds of Filipino citizen?
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What does it mean to be a Filipino citizen?

A Filipino citizen is someone who is born to Filipino parents and/or live in the Philippines.

What is a Filipino person?

A filipino is a citizen from the Philippines.

Is FPJ a Filipino citizen?

YES. For FPJ to run in the 2004 Presidential election, he must be a Filipino citizen.

If Filipino wants to marry fellow Filipino in America but both of them are not American Citizen would they become an American Citizen?


Can a Filipino-American citizen be a Filipino-German citizen?

Yes, a Filipino-American (a natural born Filipino who became an American citizen) can legally become Filipino-German if he/she converts citizenship to German and applies for "Dual Citizenship" in the Philippines. _____ Nationality issues can be complex. Ask your nearest German consulate.

If a filipino citizen wants to marry a Korean citizen what are the requirements for the Korean to become a filipino citizen?

S/He should file for citizenship. Try asking the local municipality for the proceedings.

Advantage of being a filipino citizen?


When a Filipino marries a US Citizen what does she become?

She remains a Filipino citizen. Her US husband can petition for her, in which case, once approved, she becomes an American citizen. She can retain Filipino citizenship (hold dual citizenship) by applying at her nearest Philippine Embassy in the US (if she is based there).

Can Sri lanka citizen become Filipino citizen?

Only way is if you get a visa in Philipenes and Sri Lanka is your nationality so you're therefore a citizen for that country. If you have kids in the Phillipenes, They would become a Filipino citizen, just saying.

What are the qualification of the president in the Philippines?

100%a filipino citizen

Does an Filipino citizen need a visa to go to Indonesia?


Does Bruno Mars have a Philippine Citizen?

Bruno Mars is a Filipino citizen, he is half Filipino from his dad who grew up and was born there but Bruno Mars didn't have his childhood in the Philippines