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Q: What were the problems encountered by Philippine President Manuel L Quezon during his term?
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What are the problems President Manuel L Quezon have encountered?

kaya nga hshshshs

Who was the Philippine president in 1941?

Manuel L. Quezon

Who is the president of the Philippine DepEd?

manuel pinoy

Who invented the philippine airplane?

the president of the Philippines (Manuel L.Quezon) invented Philippine airlines since 1930.

What is the accomplishment Manuel L Quezon?

the accomplishment of president Manuel L. Quezon is that, he was out father of the philippine language which is tagalog

Who among the all Philippine presidents do you think had the most colorful and glorious period of governance?

President manuel luis quezon

Why did president Manuel L Quezon choose tagalog as your national language?

Because it was the original language of the Philippine Revolution of 1898

Who were the presidents in the third and fourth Philippine republic?

The presidents of the third Philippine republic were: * Manuel Roxas * Elpidio Quirino * Ramon Magsaysay * Carlos Garcia * Diosdado Macapagal The fourth Philippine republic only had Ferdinand Marcos as president.

What were the problems during President Manuel Roxas' administration?

Before embarking on a massive rehabilitation program. President Roxas met with President Harry Truman of the United States. He discussed with him the huge economic problems and the critical condition of the country.

Did Manuel L. Quezon ran succesfully as candidate for the Philippine assembly?

Yes. Manuel Quezon was elected to the Philippine Assembly in 1907, serving as majority floor leader and chairman of the committee on appropriations.

Who were elected in1907 Philippine asamblea?

si manuel l. quezon

What are projects of Manuel Roxas?

Some of the projects of Manuel Roxas during his presidency were: to improve the Philippine econony and to gain independence from the U.S.