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Q: What tagalog for zamboanga hermosa?
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What is Chavacano de zamboanga?

Chavacano de Zamboanga is a Spanish-based Creole spoken in Zamboanga City, south of the Philippines. "Chavacano" came from the Spanish word "chabacano" which means poor taste, vulgar, crude. Its vocabulary is mostly Spanish but its grammar is influenced by Philippine languages like Tagalog, Hiligaynon and Cebuano.

What is Musical notes of zamboanga hermosa?

I. Dgg abb cdd cba dab c bag (2x) ii. Cc cded cbb bcd gg gaba g f#g g#a

What is the capital of zamboanga city?

Zamboanga City is a city in the Zamboanga Peninsula, Philippines. Manila is the capital of the Philippines.

What is Zamboanga City's population?

Zamboanga City's population is 807,129.

When was Republic of Zamboanga created?

Republic of Zamboanga was created in 1899.

What is Zamboanga Sibugay's population?

The population of Zamboanga Sibugay is 546,186.

When was Zamboanga City created?

Zamboanga City was created in 1634.

What place can be found in Region 9 of the Philippines?

The following are the places or provinces or cities in Region lX ( Zamboanga Peninsula ) : -Zamboanga Sibugay -Zamboanga del Norte -Zamboanga del Sur

Where is the Hermosa Beach Library in Hermosa Beach located?

The address of the Hermosa Beach Library is: 550 Pier Ave., Hermosa Beach, 90254 3892

What country is Hermosa located?

There are four locations in the world called Hermosa. Hermosa is a community area in Chicago Illinois. Hermosa is a former mining town, now a ghost town in New Mexico. Hermosa is a town in South Dakota. Hermosa is also a municipality in the Philippines.

Where is the Custer County Hermosa Branch Library in Hermosa located?

The address of the Custer County Hermosa Branch Library is: 234 Main Street, Hermosa, 57744 9999

What is the area of Zamboanga Peninsula?

The area of Zamboanga Peninsula is 16,823 square kilometers.