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There's a lot of things to be proud of as Filipino, one of my favorite is Filipino complexion, the color brown, it's so unique that foreigners want to have the same.

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Q: What should you be proud of as a Filipino?
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Why should you be proud of being a filipino?

There are a great number of reasons why you should be proud of being a Filipino. This characteristic makes you very special.

Are you proud of being Filipino?

YES. I am proud to be a Filipino.

What makes you proud as a Filipino?

There are many things that could make you proud as a Filipino including your history and heritage. You could also be proud to represent a minority group.

What does tell about ako ay Filipino song about Filipino?

it tells about being proud as a Filipino, to stand heads up no matter what race we are with, and being proud to say that "i am a Filipino". that's how the title is translated.

Why should you feel proud of your malayan race?

because carlos p romulo exhibit how a fellow-filipino expresses pride of being proud of his race

What is the translation of proud to be Filipino?

pinagmamalaki ko ang pagiging filipino

Are you proud being a filipino?

Absolutely am! :)

Why should filipino be proud in there beautiful places?

because it express the rich beauty of the natural wonders of the country

Who is toribia mano?

she is the author of I am proud to be a filipino

What are the 3 Filipino values you are proud of?

3 Filipino values that one can be proud of: 1. hospitable 2. respectful to parents and elders 3. cheerful

What values do Filipinos need to develop to have a sense of nationhood?

We, Filipinos should be proud off of we are .Where ever we go we should say that I am a Filipino!! tahanan tayo ng mga talintadong pinoy! I'm proud of who I am..

What is pasikat in Filipino values?

Pasikat is not a good Filipino value. It has something to do with being proud.