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Q: What professions take advantage of habagat and amihan?
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What is Tagalog of take advantage?

The Tagalog translation of "take advantage" is "samantalahin."

How consumers take advantage of businesses?

they take advantage of their lack of knowledge of the product.

How do you use the phrase take advantage of in a sentence?

"I'm going to take advantage of the 50% discount offer." "The thief took advantage of my momentary distraction to take my bicycle."

Friends who take advantage of you?

That is not a question. You need to say what you want to KNOW about friends who take advantage of you.

Homophone that means take advantage of?

The homophone that means "take advantage of" is "seize."

In the kitchen debate Richard Nixon argued?

That the American system was designed to take advantage of new technology

What is the past tense of take advantage?

that would be took advantage

Why is attendance important in the healthcare professions?

Attendance is important in healthcare professions due to needing medical professionals ready at almost all times. This is to ensure that if there is a medical emergency that there will be someone on hand to take care of the patient. Lack of attendance in healthcare professions can potentially result in the loss of life.

What ways can a man take advantage of a woman positively?

There is no positive way for a man to take advantage of a woman.

What do you call someone who basically helps there loved ones take advantage of them?

Your mom. She just loves it when I take advantage of her.

Why are you so scared to get on top of your husband?

because he is very hairy and will take advantage. because he is very hairy and will take advantage.

What are the different professions?

You can get a list of professions from the Department of Labor. Click on the related links section indicated below and it will take you directly to the site. It is listed in alpha order and you can go right through almost every occupation there is.