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Q: What language is natale hilare et ano?
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What language is Natale hilare et annum faustum?

Latin. It means: "Christmas cheer in a year of bliss"

How do you say santa in Italian?

The Romans did not have any figure even remotely similar to Santa Claus, so they had no words that were equivalent. there is somthing similar they celebrate Christmas in another year and they call it somthing else than santa clause.

What is the motto of Waikato Mounted Rifles?

Waikato Mounted Rifles's motto is 'Libertas et Natale Solum - Liberty and Homeland'.

What does wye mean in language?

where you et (et is a ghetto way to say at)

How do you say and you in french language?

Et toi

What language is 'a deo et rese'?


What language is Pax ET Bonum?


What language word is kad et oliver?

The language for kad et olivier is French. Kad et Olivier are two men who are stand up comedians in France. They are also actors and screenwriters. Olivier is a director.

What language is dieu-et-mon-devour?

Its french.

What language is 'fides et auber' and what is it in English?


How do you ask in French language what about the children?

Et les enfants?

Is there any figurative language in Dulce et decorum est?