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in pula mea

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Q: What language is mula for money?
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What is mula?

money & cash younnggg mula babyyyy =] -weezy f babyyy- <3

What dose young mula baby mean?

Young Money Baby. Mula = Money

How do you say thank you in Tamang language?

tujeje mula

What is a mula?

it means money

Why does mula mean money?

money/cash/doh/etc. (:

What are lilwayne nicknames?

wezzy,wezzy.F BABY,young mula,young money wezzy,wezzy.F BABY,young mula,young money

What does mula mean in sumalin?

There is no such language as "Sumalin". If you mean "Somali", the language spoken in Somalia, I was unable to find a translator for that language online.

Did tyga leave young money?

No he didnt , he is 4eva Young Mula

What is the answer to the dingbat mula mula mula mula?

toothache two thakes = two thake toothache :p

What are different English words for money?

mula, cash, dinero, green, cheddar, bills, stacks. etc.

What does mula mean in Spanish?

Mula is Spanish for "mule".

Why Does Lil Wayne Say Janmulight Baby?

because he doesnt say "janmulight baby".... really? ha if u actually listened to his songs or knew anything about him then u would know he said "young mula baby" b/c his group is young money.... mula = money...... not tht hard