What is thrifty in Tagalog?

Updated: 12/3/2022
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Q: What is thrifty in Tagalog?
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What is matipid in English?

The word "matipid" is in Tagalog or Filipino language (national language of the Philippines). In English language it's meaning is "frugal", "thrifty".

Is thrifty an adverb?

No. The word thrifty is an adjective. The adverb form is "thriftily" (an a thrifty manner).

What is a good sentence for the word thrifty?

My dad was a thrifty spender. He was known for being thrifty.

What is the noun for thrifty?

The noun form of the adjective thrifty is thriftiness.The word thrifty is the adjective form of the noun thrift.

Explain what it means to be thrifty?

Thrifty means frugal. A thrifty person looks for sales and is careful about how he or she spends money.

When was Thrifty Foods created?

Thrifty Foods was created in 1977.

When was Thrifty White created?

Thrifty White was created in 1884.

When was Thrifty PayLess created?

Thrifty PayLess was created in 1919.

What is the population of Thrifty Foods?

The population of Thrifty Foods is 4,100.

When did Thrifty PayLess end?

Thrifty PayLess ended in 1998.

What word is a euphemism thrifty miserly stingy cheap?


Is koala a thrifty animal?

The word "thrifty" can only be applied to humans.