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Q: What is the tagalog of sponge guard?
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Who does David Hasselhoff play in Sponge Bob Square Pants?

The life guard.

What is security guard creed tagalog?

The security guard creed in Tagalog is "Laging Magbantay, Laging Alerto, Laging Maingat." It emphasizes the importance of being vigilant, alert, and cautious at all times to ensure the safety and security of others.

What are some questions about sponge cake?

are sponge cakes made out of a sponge? what color is a sponge cake? have i ever had a sponge cake? why is it called a sponge cake? answers to questions above: are sponge cakes made out of a sponge- no. what color is a sponge cake- depends on the flavor. have i ever had a sponge cake- no. why is it called a sponge cake- because he flakey spongy feeling of the sponge cake and the sponge cake feels and looks like a sponge. tell me if this helps on sponge cakes or your research on sponge cakes. thankyou :]

What is an example of a sponge?

a kitchen sponge sea spone purple sponge (sea sponge)

How do you use sponge in a sentence?

i see a sponge, do you see a sponge?

What is the tagalog of english?

The Tagalog word for "English" is "Ingles."

What is softer than a sponge?

SPONGE(say it loud) .... sponge (softer)

How do sponge depends themselves?

Spikes in the sponge help protect the sponge.

What is an fact about calcareous sponge?

an example of calcareous sponge is SPONGE BOB!

What is Zirconium sponge?

Zirconium sponge is a sponge, when the sun is to hot it turns certain stones in to zirconium sponge, FACT

What is full of holes but can carry water?

A sponge is something that has allot of holes, but can still hold/soak up water.

What is the Tagalog areas?

The tagalog of are in tagalog is lugar.