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Q: What is the tagalog of compas?
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When was Rob Compas born?

Rob Compas was born in 1966.

What is the population of Le Compas?

The population of Le Compas is 218.

What does un compas mean?

un compas is 'a compass' in English.

When was Compas - album - created?

Compas - album - was created on 1997-11-06.

When was Jonathan Compas born?

Jonathan Compas was born on 1986-01-09.

What is the area of Le Compas?

The area of Le Compas is 16.54 square kilometers.

Does a compas measure angles?


Can you use a compas on the moon?


What does un compas mean in English?

"Un compas" in English translates to "a compass," which is a tool used for drawing circles and measuring directions.

Did Emma Watson play in the golden compas?


Was a compas used in ancient Egypt?


Does the have a magnetic field?

yes. this is how a compas works